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If your website is like most in the alarm industry, it gets far fewer leads than it should. We’ll help you change that!

Total internet marketing management on an affordable budget.
Website included.

Neal Scott Marketing specializes in total internet marketing management for quality security system dealers, alarm dealers and integrators. We’ll build and optimize a high-performance website. We’ll enhance your company’s visibility on the internet so shoppers can find you.  With our 47 years of involvement in the alarm industry and 15 years in online marketing, we are uniquely positioned to get the job done.

We’ll grow your online presence as you grow your business.  We will be be pushing for your success.

Most alarm dealer websites we see are drastically underperforming. Our program often produces dramatic increases in leads. Are you ready for growth?

An alarm dealer in a small town becomes a successful regional in a much larger market area

In 2009, the two partners who founded a new security system business knew that that sales leads were not coming in like they should. They knew that shoppers were using the internet to find solutions and compare service providers.  They also knew that their website was the cornerstone for showcasing their alarm business.  Without good “online visibility”, their website would never be found.

The partners had another challenge.  Their new business was located in a small town.  They wanted to serve a much larger market area as a regional dealer.

The website looked good but wasn’t producing leads

The partners had a big concern. They had purchased a website from a well-known, very experienced website design company.  The website looked nice. It had impressive pictures and a great form for inquiries.  Everything looked good. But it was producing very few leads. The partners felt like they had wasted their money on the new website. Leads were barely trickling in and sales were sagging.  The website was hard to find in their small town.  It was hopelessly invisible in other areas outside of their town.

The owners seek expert help

The partners were referred to Neal Scott Marketing. After a discussion about the problem, they agreed to start from scratch with Neal.  He would develop a new strategic marketing plan and build a new website. Neal knew that every website should be built with marketing and optimization strategy in mind.

The interview

Neal interviewed the partners. During the interview, he dug deep to determine the dreams and goals of these enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Nothing was overlooked. Neal helped the owners think about things they hadn’t thought about before.

A strategic plan

After the meeting, Neal pieced together an internet marketing strategy for the alarm company. Using the strategic plan, he designed and built a website that was perfectly tuned for  the company’s marketing plan, marketing area, product lines and ideal customer profile. Everything was carefully tailored for the business and it’s owners’ plans.

The website launch

When the website launched, leads began to flow from the website like never before. The first month after the launch brought a record-breaking number of sales and revenue. The partners were elated!


In the following year, business began pushing into a new metropolitan area with over a million in population. Just one lead brought the company over a million dollars in revenue.

New markets

The partners wanted leads from new areas of growth.  The website was adapted to get those leads.  The owners wanted leads for community security gate access and video systems.  The website was expanded to get security gate leads.  The company needed fire alarm leads so the website was expanded to get fire leads.  The website morphed to the owners’ areas of new focus.


The partners asked Neal to push into more new markets.  Leads kept pouring in. The business was growing.  The growth continued, year after year.

This story has been repeated again and again.

♦  A 3-month old wife and husband startup that rapidly grew to success.
♦  An integrator that rapidly expanded and was awarded as a top-ten dealer nationally and was designated as a Honeywell Platinum dealer.
♦  A family business on the brink of bankruptcy that turned sagging sales around and experienced an explosion of new business.

There are many more stories of success.

Experienced in the security industry.

Neal Scott has decades of experience in the security industry.  He started working in his father’s security system business when he was 16 years old.  He installed, serviced and then sold security systems.  He ended up buying his Dad’s business and ran it for 21 years.  He built the business from about 100 commercial accounts to a dominate player with its own 24-hour central station monitoring more than 4,000 accounts.  As an authorized First Alert Professional dealer, his company won a national award for growing the fastest among companies of its size.

Your online marketing pro is experienced in your business

Life will be so much easier when your online marketing professional knows your business and industry.  During an initial interview, they will learn your business inside and out.  Armed with their industry experience and the knowledge of your business, Neal Scott Marketing can create marketing strategy and generate content focused on your greatest needs.

Here is what one client had to say:

“Neal has been a vital part of our companies growth, as new business owners my husband and I knew in order for our business to grow we would have to establish a presence on the internet and we had no idea where to start.  Honestly we don’t know much about computers or the internet. We set up a meeting with an internet company to see what was involved and how the whole process worked. We left that meeting feeling very overwhelmed as if we were just another drop in the bucket.”

“Neal explained everything starting with establishing a google business listing followed by the webpage and what stuck with me – he was straight forward about the length of time involved with building a presence, what he would need from us and he even provided a google review form for us to handout to our clients, and schooled us on the do’s and don’ts that was a huge help.  Neal has always been patient with us knowing we do not understand the workings of the internet.”

“One of the best parts of working of working with Neal, he is personally available to his clients. I know if I send him an email, it goes directly to him and I always have a response that day and I get the same courtesy if I need to call him.”

“Its been almost 2 years, Neal has built us such an incredible presence that our company is seen all over our state not just in our local area. If I google similar companies to mine or any variation of search words or locations, there we are, It’s Amazing!!!”

“When prospective clients call, we offer to send out an introduction email about our company and services. Much of our clientele now tells us – no need –  ‘I have seen your website and google reviews; we are ready to schedule.’  That pretty much says it all!”

It was important to have someone who is excited about what he does and Neal is that person. Neal, thank you for ALL you have done for our company!”